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New Age Spirit Radio is a new age and metaphysical radio platform that features information, inspiration, and news of interest in all things new age, metaphysical or paranormal. 


We are passionate about bringing enlightenment to the community and giving the gifted and caring practitioners a place to showcase their talents.






Hello, my name is Angel Thacker and I am the founder and producer of New Age Spirit Radio.  The programming is presenting without filters and with full transparency, the intent being to present a platform for listeners to hear and experience all the wonderful practitioners and information that is out there.   We don't charge for people to appear on our programming and we don't filter, alter, or ask our guests to change their message.  The goal is that our listeners have the opportunity to hear, experience, and participate in the evolution of the new New Age Renaissance.   Follow our programming on the radio and on YouTube, share with your friends, and give us your suggestions when you find something interesting out there that our listeners may enjoy.  If you are interested in being on the show, submit an appearance request.  Our show books far in advance so please be patient.

Blood sweat and tears are well worth the effort if we can bring you information, connection, and assistance.  We can always use help and support to keep the mission moving.  Any support you can give is greatly appreciated.

Much love and many thanks!


Help us keep our programming and information coming so our listeners can get what they need and our guests can have a free and open platform so their voices can be heard!


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