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Join our broadcasting family!

We are always looking for new guests and personalities to be featured on our regular programming.  

There are three ways to appear on New Age Spirit Radio

Benefits of broadcasting with us: 

  • You will be assigned a producer who will manage the flow and calls (if you take calls).  More details will be included once you have been booked.  If you are a PR or booking agent submissions for your clients are welcome!

  • Broadcasting of our program that can reach hundreds of thousands of live listeners

  • Your branding and products will become a part of our month's standard and digital marketing program

  • Our shows drop to most of the major podcasting platforms after the live broadcast, including; iHeartRadio, Spotify, and AppleMusic.  Once you appear you can add any or all of their logos to your media campaigns and website.

  • * You will be a part of our 2022 programming and may be selected for our year-end highlight book 

  • * Discount pricing to our Podcast Super Course 

  • * Free access to our Podcast and marketing masterclasses and workshops.

  • We have pre-recorded options as well, that will give you the option to broadcast any day of the week!

* not available to the guest appearance option

Listening to Music on Phone

Our listeners


United States  90.03 %

Canada  2.72 %

Australia  2.36 %

Philippines  0.79 %

United Kingdom0. 63 %

Age Stats

18-24  10%

25-34  26%

35-44   27%

45-54   22%

55-64  10%

65 and older  5%

Top Podcast Download Platforms


Apple Podcasts

Chrome Direct

Podcast Addict


iHeart  Radio

iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Podcast Addict,  Spotify, and iHeart  Radio have over one billion podcast downloads per month!

Apply to be a guest speaker

We accept guests throughout the calendar.  If you are interested in seeing if our program is what you need to support your business growth plans send us a request!  Everyone's first show is free and sometimes we pull in submissions as we complete a month's schedule.  If interested, complete the form, and a member of our team will be in touch!

Submit your appearance request

Thanks for requesting a slot on our program. A member of our production team will be in touch!!

Join our programming family!


Broadcasts/Airs one time a month at a scheduled time.


One 30 minute program 


One 60 minute program



Broadcasts/Airs one time every two weeks at a scheduled time.


One 30 minute program


One 60 minute program



Broadcasts/Airs one time a week at a scheduled time.


One 30 minute program


One 60 minute program


Once you purchase your option, Dr. Thacker will be in touch to set you up with your programming choice.  We recommend a minimum of 3-month commitment to getting the results you're seeking.  When you sign up for one of the above options and stay with us for 3 months or more, you will receive the following business-building bonuses!

  • A meeting with a business program manager (1:1 to get your program plan set up to help you focus your show on how it will help you build your business!)

  • 1:1 mentoring session after one of your first episodes for feedback and coaching to help you build a more powerful podcast for your business

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS: The leads blueprint.  How many leads should you be generating on a podcast

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS: Creating a podcast that speaks to your brand

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS: Creating a podcast call to action

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS: The engagement formula for building podcast tribe

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS: How to book leads from all reading programs

Join the New age Guild


Benefits of membership:

  • All New Age Guild site membership benefits (listing, advertising, live call participation)

  • Addition to our New Age Spirit Circle of Transformational Practitioners

  • Participation in Destination Transformation

  • List free events on the New Age Spirit website

  • Class submission to New Age Spirit programming (paid course payout at 70%)

  • Podcast participation in New Age Spirit Radio programming

  • Video participation on New Age Spirit TV

  • Free attendance to any events presented by New Age Guild and New Age Spirit programming

  • Advertising opportunities on both platforms

  • Access to our live call-in option at a 75% payout rate

  • 1 Radio appearance a month, more programming at reduced rates

  • Up to 10 events and product advertising in our monthly social media and email campaigns

  • Free registration as a speaker or attendee to our premier summits and events (Destination Transformation, Summit of Love, Messages from Mother, etc.)

  • Free registration to our monthly business masterclasses


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