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Dr AY Heath

Survivor | Writer | Writer Coach | Producer | Business Strategist | Life Coach


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The Joy Life Method

Magical Manifestation

open to and accept abundance creation in all areas of your life

What do you want from life?
Are you satisfied with where you are?
Are fulfilled with where you're going?

Do you desire to have more than you have in your life?  More joy, peace, money, a home to call your own, a loving and fulfilling relationship... abundant health and true happiness?

Do you want to look in the mirror and love yourself crazy!  

Most of us live life paycheck to paycheck.  Working hard to make it day to day, believing that this what life is.  I call this the poverty mentality, the filter function through that is auto set on the limitations of life.  Fundamentally living each day considering what we can't have rather than what we can have.

I want to tell you something, and it's not a secret.  You can have what you truly want.  You can absolutely have all that you wish for possible in your life.  Your ability to manifest starts with your mindset...your acceptance of what you're truly worthy of.

Come with me and let me help you activate that magic within you!


Angel brings a unique style that features a mix of love, joy, and a little touch of humor.  High energy fueled by her deep connection to her personal mission to create space for her clients to generate possibilities they've believed to be impossible by igniting her client's connection to the Divine.  By awakening your Divine purpose, igniting your intuition, and connecting you firmly in the warmth of Divine Love you will release blocks, let go of pre-programmed limiting beliefs and ignite your Divine purpose.  Bringing deep life fulfillment.

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Soul Transformation through Universal Connection

Clear | Heal | Balance | Activation

Healing Services
The alchemy of Soul Activation
essential oil alchemy
crystal alchemy
energy alchemy
sound alchemy
chakra system alchemy
physical connection
mental connection
soul connection
release & gratitude

Creating a life of balance, joy, and true abundance in all areas is the goal of each of us.  The Universal Source has given us the tools and means to create a space where we can create and achieve anything we wish in our lives.

Soul Activation Healing

Distance Healing


Our energies can connect and interact from all distances.  For in spirit we are multi dimensional.  I connect with your spiritual energy to focus on healing energies, tools, and technologies to help you regain balance and heal what may be off in your system.  By connecting with your energy I see where you may have disruptions in your energy field, your being, and your energy centers.  Things can sometimes occur as pains, aches and other physical distractions, I look to see where you may have any of these disruptors -as I like to call them.  Thr9ough prayer, meditation, work with vibrations and sounds from my collection of healing tools, application of solfeggio frequencies, and the ascended masters I focus on relieving you of the blocks and creating balance.

Did you know you can heal yourself?


We each have access to the sources of support and healing that is given to us by the Divine.  When we are in balance with our connection, strong in our faith and our energy centers are clear and activated the healing process flows within us much smoother and successfully.  Part of our journey together will be to both heal and teach you how to heal and to support your body moving forward.   Before you can learn how to heal we have to get to the source of why you are not healing and restoring today.  We have to start with finding the why that brought you here.

Our work together will include:

a discovery session to help me understand what your need and concerns

a health assessment intake form to get all your concerns front and center

a system scan to see where you may have issues, blocks, or interrupts.

weekly healing sessions (frequency will depend on the program you join)

soul exploration to check the chords or stories you may be pulling in as distractors from your past live(s)

text message access for support during your program

prescribed/suggested support tools to help with your progress

Basic Healing Program

8 Private 1:1 Virtual Healing Sessions

2x per week for 4 weeks


Focused Healing Program

12 Private 1:1 Virtual Healing Sessions

3x per week for 4 weeks


Are you ready to get started?

Conditions:  Angel does not work with dispelling "curses" or black/dark magic.  She does not work with some mental health conditions - bipolar, schizophrenia, server depression, advanced disease such as ALS, MS,. Pain from joint, bone, or degenerative disease if it is associated with inflammation.  Angel does not work with releasing spells, curses, or black magic.   


Angel Thacker is not a licensed nor degreed medical doctor, practitioner, practicing nurse, psychotherapist, chiropractor nor any other formally licensed medical professional.  As such, Angel Thacker does not make medical or psychological diagnoses, nor does she prescribe or recommend medical or psychological treatments.  Please be sure you have read this site's terms and services and acknowledge that the services described here to not take the place of medical or psycho9logical advice from a licensed healthcare professional.  Angel recommends you seek the care of a licensed healthcare professional if you feel care is required.  Guidance and information provided by Angel should not be taken claim of cures, the promise of benefits or guarantee of results.  Angel makes no guarantee of her services or results.

1:1 Intuitive Services

intuitive services

Getting a reading can be one of the most empowering steps you can take to moving forward in your life.  Finding tools and information to:

Get confirmation of an opportunity

Get clarity when making a decision

Release negative energy around you

Connect with loved ones for comfort and resolution

Help you create the map to success in a business or personal goal

Get Divine guidance around a move, job or relationship

Receive comfort and calm when chaos is happening in your life

To get an answer to a question of concern


Wake Up And Connect!

Connect with your Spirit Posse for clarity around

what may be coming your way.

Let your connection reveal your life's joy!

I can help bring clarity, hope and relieve 


I am Angel, I'm a Channel, Medium, Angelic Healer, Soul Purpose & Life Coach and I’m here to help bring clear answers, direction and calm when you have need of support.

I have worked as a intuitive reader and healer in the community for almost 30 years and have facilitated more than 15,000 individual healing and reading sessions.  I am passionate about empowering my clients to reach for and achieve their greatest dreams and visions.  


I want to help you break the bonds of the blocks, chaos, negative chords and shadow chatter that stand in your way.  All so that you can create a harmonious and joyous life.

I am here to help you bring balance and healing to your soul so that you can manifest with focus.

Talents & Training

Minister, Universal Life Church 

Certified Psychic Medium (Imagine Spirit)

Akashic Records Training (Imagine Spirit)

Advanced Angels Practitioner (Imagine Spirit)

Spirit Guide Training (Imagine Spirit)

Spirit Attachments (Imagine Spirit)

Ghost Hunting (Imagine Spirit)

Aromatherapy Certificate (UC), (Expert Rating)

Charka Energy Healing | Clearing (MSC)

Sacred Herbalist (UC)

Reiki (UC)

Guided Meditation | Past Life Facilitation (PE) (MSC)

Mentors | Programs completed

Psychic Development (PE)

Spirit Attachment and Spirit Release Training – Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

Chakra Clearing and Healing Training - Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

Distance Healing and Reading Training - Catherine Morningstar (deceased)

Mediumship Mentorship  - Annette Martin (deceased)

Credentials and Affiliations

There are many ways we can work together.  Below are descriptions of my sessions and services.  I have also described some of my sessions for you here.  Find the solution that works best for your needs.  Please know that you may need more than one for clearing, healing, and release. 


Like anything we do to improve our lives, the more commitment to healing and recovery from the past the more success you'll see in your life.  If you're in need of a single session to get confirmation, resolve a concern or answer a few questions, please take the time to review my offerings to find the solution that best fits your needs.  




My fees are $375/50-minute session

How to book me:

Select your session package and purchase. 

You will be sent a purchase confirmation with booking instructions.

Please review my disclaimer page before booking.


Angel Communication

<Video Description>

The angelic realm is a vibrant light realm of supporters that can help you with a resolution, healing, and support.  Having angel support when working through challenges can make ease a situation and even give you a wonderful partnership.


Akashic Record Reading

<Video Description>

The Akashic record is a library that holds all human records- past, presents, and future.  An Akashic Record Session can help you with gaining clarity on where you are in your path, get confirmation, get on track with your purpose, get to the source of issues you may be wrestling with and so much more.  


Chakra Clearing Session

<Video Description>

Your chakra system is the nervous system to your soul.  The key to a balanced life is a balanced and healthy chakra system.  In this session, you receive healing and clearing of your chakras with a focus on clearing what may be blocking and interrupting the functions of your chakra(s).

Storm Clouds

Chaos Energy Clearing & Blessing

<Video Description>

The focus of this session is to find then clear negativity that may be sitting in your system or space.  This not a session for dark spirits or entities, I am not an exorcist.  If there is need more intense focus I will let you and recommend that you work with a practitioner who specializes in working with these types of services.  Note:  I may choose to no longer work with you based on the source and cause of the energies around you.


Chord and Energy Release & Removal

<Video Description>

Each individual and situation we encounter in life comes with energy.  And like a plant, we attach to these energies through energy chords that attach to our systems.  In release sessions, I will work with you to release chords and connections to individuals and/or situations that you NEED to let go of.  This will give you the ability to say goodbye, let go and move forward in joy.  A VITAL solution for those wishing to move forward from a toxic relationship.


Financial Prosperity Clearing

<Video Description>  

This session is focused on clearing the path to prosperity for you.  I will tune in to see where your obstacles maybe if you feel you are stuck in the areas of creating abundance.  Once identified, we can clear away the blocks and help create a path to prosperity. 

Angel statue

Grief Support Session

<Video Description>

  As part of my Breathe Through Grief programming I offer support sessions to help my clients recover their spirit in the process of grieving from the loss of a loved one.


Intuitive & Channeled Session

<Video Description>

This is a session of connection to spirit where I'll give you guidance, answer questions get you clarification in areas of your life that need a BOOST!  I connect to: my guides, your guides, ascended masters, the angelic realm and the Divine Spirit.  Career, love, family.. the focus is where you need to focus to be.

Couple Hugging

Life Connection Reading for: relationships, workplace, family, love

<Video Description>

This is a reading where I focus on the individuals in your life.  Checking the connection, clearing where there may be blocks and confirming their arrival in your current timeline.

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Mediumship Readings

<Video Description>

In a mediumship reading I will connect to SPIRIT to find and tap into your loved ones in Spirit.  Bringing you the ability to communication, grief and get closure.  My goal is to present a session where you feel as if you are with your loved one in a warm and loving conversation as if they are here in life.


Chord Cleansing & Healing

Some of the chords we carry stay with us because we have no choice or because we chose to keep them.  Relationships, family, loved ones...This session focuses on healing, clearing and releasing energies blocking and distracting while not removing the chord.

Hour Glass

Past Life Regression

<Video Description>

A relaxing session where we will tap into lives in your past.  There are so many things we can learn from our past lives.  Knowing what our lessons have been that we can release and move forward from; confirmation of a loved one that is in our current space; healing from a past trauma that may have been carried into this life.  


Angel Invocation

< invocation exert>

A powerful celebration of light!  This energy activation is my specialty offering used to uplift, ignite and celebrate.  Can be a part of a special event, blessing, building or business or customized for your special event.

10 to 20  Minutes

$295 (travel & lodging not included)


Arch Angel Protective Chord Activation

Arch Angels are called in to support this powerful healing and clearing session.  This session activates a protective chord to support your healing or clearing work.  

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