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Paranormal Fridays

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Fridays at 7pm PST on

New Age Spirit Radio

With your hosts 

Mike & Angel


Track Name12/3 - Alien Species and their possible agendas
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Track Name11-Miraculous Images in the Sky
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Track Name11-12-21 - Spirit Orbs
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Your Hosts!

Angel Thacker

Angel is a medium and energy healer.  She has been connected to the metaphysical and paranormal since her youth.  With family connections in New Orleans, she grew on ghost stories and aberrations, seeing her first ghostly image at the age of 4.  A female presence she felt was an imaginary friend that she now believes was an ancestor keeping her company. 


At the passing of her brother when she was 14, Angel began her journey of discovery as a student of metaphysics and mysticism.   Studying tarot cards, crystals, chakras, healing, and mediumship. 

Angel is a Christian Spiritualist who believes that all beings are connected to the cosmos, shifting as they go from one form of existence to another.  


"Spiritualism itself is a very accepting process that acknowledges that there is a wide variety in which individuals can connect to the divine energies of the universe.   In the whole of the universe, it comes down to the energy that we engage with, for we are all energy.  I have come to accept the evolution of my process to a space where I am able to connect to the Divine universal energy to communicate with spirit, connect to the other side and help individuals find answers, guidance, and even peace."


She is forever curious, seeking answers, and wanting to know more.  


Mike Walker

Michael Walker is a ufo/paranormal experiencer, enthusiast that has passionately been studying the phenomenon ever since his first experience he had in 1985 as a 12 year old in Hayward California ( MUFON case#78909)visions followed his of a wheel within a wheel hovering and spinning above his childhood home..visions of running from a crashing flood at Stonehenge ,walking the sands of beached whales and re-occurring dreams of being on board the saucer,listen as he describes in great detail a part of the ship he became familiar with as one dream would leave off where the last one ended night after night after night! Michael describes a vortex in the clouds before him and his friend seen the ufo directly above them that would put on a lightshow from out of this world. More recently Michael has been monitored by white and even black orbs/ spheres and has been able to capture pictures.  Michael has also been involved with his Cousins first ufo experience via telephone and has some one of a kind ufo evidence that we may not be ready for as he is still trying to wrap his head around the “gift” that he would like to share with us...recorded audio on board the craft during his Cousins HEALING that is so mysterious it sent Michael into a”Shared Family Conscience”....these videos have TIME discrepancies ...messages of hope and self healing Michael also spends time talking and working with other experiencers find their way in the beautiful mysterious world of what he re-names the “Veranormal”[very normal] .  

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