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Thank you for being interested in appearing on the New Age Spirit Radio programming, I am excited about adding your energies to our programming.  Below is the free link to book your program production appointment.  This is a session where we will get aligned and record your podcast episode.  Please review the below details so that we can plan the best experience for you.  Thank you once again, I look forward to working with you!

  • Your programming must be family-friendly, we have open-access programming and would like to include you in our general broadcasting

  • If you have specific questions you would like asked, please send them to me at least 48 hours prior to your broadcast at

  • The interview will be completed in Zoom.  Please check your equipment to ensure there are no conflicts or issues before the broadcast

  • Please note that I am in PST/PDT time (Los Angeles, CA USA), the appointment time zone setting is set for this time.  Please take that into consideration as you book your appointment.

  • My schedule books fast and it is my desire to be as ready and prepared for my guests as possible.  I ask that we respect one another's schedules and ask for 48-hour notice for changes or cancelations.

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