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Dr AY Heath

Survivor | Writer | Writer Coach | Producer | Business Strategist | Life Coach


‪(408) 647-4446‬

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Dr. AY Heath

Powerful & Empowering strategies, tools, and Training for the Soul Entrepreneur, Big Dreamer & Seeker of Soul Transformation

Effective, comprehensive and real-life coaching, training, and techniques to help you scale your business find & activate your life purpose and manifest your big dream life!

Writer & Writer Coach | Producer |Sound Experience Therapy | Spiritual & Life Coach | Business Coach & Strategist

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Create the life of your dreams by connecting to your soul's purpose.  By tapping into your life's true purpose and living life with passion you will begin living your life satisfied and joyously.  The most important element we need in our lives is to be able to see our lives through a truly joyous space.  Activating what I call our "Joy Filter" gives us the ability to attract truly fantastic results in our lives.  As my coaching client you will receive;

  • A partner in pursuing your dreams with high expectations and determination to get you to your goals

  • Real action-oriented programming to help you work through and get past the stories that you may struggle with or find may be blocking you

  •  Goal mapping actions to help you find your way at any time in your journey

  • Techniques to allow you to evolve to the potential of your being

  • Accountability to help you stay on track and meet your personal goals and expectations

You will regain your joy for life, love yourself and bring you to accept that you deserve the best treatment and outcomes in your life!  Through the filter of joy, we can accomplish anything!  We will take a look at your life and dig down to release the barriers that may be keeping you from being in that joyous space of real abundance.

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Small Business Owner

Building and scaling a successful business that drives real revenues and satisfies us in all areas can be difficult.  I work with my clients to help them; 

  • adjust to the new virtual business strategies

  • build real-world business knowledge and skills

  • understand who their ideal clients are

  • better connect to the clients that fit their ideal model

  • to scale their business to bring in revenues that will free and satisfy

Freedom of your time is key to creating your dream life through your business.  Learn the skills of working smart and let go of the "working too hard" mindset.

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Have you ever heard that life should flow like a river, with an abundance of joy flowing to us with ease and often?  Whether you have heard this or not, this is a true statement.  

I have been able to create a fabulous life that continues to exceed my expectations, and I have helped others accomplish the same.  In this course, I will take you through my process step by step.  My desire is to get you through the program with ease, comfort, and success!  Giving my clients; 

  • support and assignments

  • focused activities 

  • journaling work,

  • affirmations and mindset exercises

  • action focused goal setting

All to help them create magnificent dreams and accomplish them!

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